Our people

Johan Debruyne, Managing Partner at Xedis

Johan Debruyne is ICT-management consultant and managing partner of Xedis. He holds a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering (computer science) from KU Leuven. Johan started as a network and systems engineer at B.I.M. He became ICT-management tooling consultant and was an internationally reputed coach for different ICT-management tools. In 2000 he achieved an additional degree in Industrial Business Engineering at Ghent University / Vlerick Business School.

Geert Vansteenkiste, Managing Partner at Xedis

Geert Vansteenkiste, Managing Partner and CEO of Xedis, holds a Master’s Degree in Mathematics and Informatics from KU Leuven.

Geert is an entrepreneurial business executive with broad experience in large and complex high technology environments. Geert has more than 30 years experience in the ICT sector and held management positions for the last 15 years. Geert has an analytical mind. He is able to resolve complex problems. He has a planned approach and a special feeling for organisational issues. He empowers staff to make decisions. He is process oriented, but preaches best practices.

Luc Vandaele, Senior Consultant at Xedis

Luc is an Organisational Change Manager with a proven ability to ensure the successful implementation of large organizational changes.  As Head of the Xedis Change Management Competence Center, he ensures that all Xedis consultants have a basic CM skill set as well as the complimentary support when needed .  Luc also has extensive experience in process improvement and performance reporting. He holds a Master in Business Administration (Vlerick) as well as a Master in Law (K.U.L).