Governance Office

Xedis Governance Office©

Our years of experience in ICT consultancy have resulted in the development of a methodology that offers a pragmatic approach to Enterprise Governance.

Governance Office


Xedis Governance Office 2

With the Xedis Governance Office© we can  

  • measure performance of the business organization (bottom-up)
  • accurately deploy the corporate strategy within the organization (top-down)

This is the philosophy behind the modular approach of the Xedis Governance Office©

It consists of five components:

  1. Audit and assessment
  2. Strategic Planning (IT)
  3. Portfolio Management (IT)
  4. Management or Support Offices for
    • Projects (PMO/PSO)
    • Services (SMO/SSO)
    • Operations (OMO/OSO)
  5.  Reporting and Dashboarding

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