Portfolio Management

A Portfolio is a collection of programs, projects, services and other work, not necessary interrelated, that are grouped together to facilitate effective management to meet strategic business objectives.

The objective of Portfolio Management is to ensure that an enterprise secures optimal value across its portfolio of IT-enabled investments. .

Our wide experience helps you to optimize the allocation of resources (people and technology) in the context of your IT strategy. Based on best cases we identify four stages in the Portfolio Management Implementation Plan:
  • AS-IS Analysis (360° assessment): to identify the maturity level of the organization.

  • Planning: to close the gap between AS-IS and TO-BE situation (vision) and to set the objective for the maturity level to be reached, phased if needed.

  • Transition: to define necessary processes, to implement supporting tools (if appropriate) and to involve all people and process stakeholders. The picture below defines the processes that need to be set-up in order to implement Portfolio Management.
  • Set-up of a continued improvement process to enhance this domain.

Xedis can help your organization to set-up and improve your Portfolio Management. We assist you in doing the right investments at the right moment in time, based on objective criteria. 

Portfolio Management Processes